About Exom BioPharma

Exom BioPharma is an early-stage exosome-based R&D company.

Exom BioPharma has isolated a novel exosome from FDA approved food source (named as Q5 Exosomes) which has several technological advantages over stem cells and bovine milk derived exosomes.

Exom BioPharma offers high quality research kits for exosome isolation and analysis, manufacturing highly purified exosomes from various cell lines, and animal and plant sources for research and preclinical (drug delivery) applications.  Our company is also actively engaged in targeted exosome delivery research using our proprietary Q5 exosome technology and identifying biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Pancreatic & Head and Neck Cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our company is also working towards procuring patient related biospecimen (blood, urine, saliva, CSF) and isolating cfDNA and exosomes for biomarker discovery.  We are looking for R&D collaborations with research institutions and pharmaceutical companies for our Q5 Exosomes.

Our Mission

At Exom BioPharma we believe that our exosome based targeted delivery platform has the potential to develop new and improved treatments for patients and to improve their health and quality of life. Our Mission is to manufacture, engineer, and technologically advance exosomes, which harness nature’s therapeutic power, to provide a resource for empowering this new class (exosomes) of bio therapeutics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shift the paradigm using exosomes from natural sources for precision medicine to save lives.