Complete Solutions For Your Exosome Research

 We provide complete solutions for your exosome research

Exosomes are extracellular nanoparticles (30-150 nm) in size which are present in almost all body fluids such as serum, milk, urine, and cerebral spinal fluids.

Exosomes originate from different cells and transfer functional cargos like miRNA and mRNA molecules, peptides, and proteins to the recipient cells.

Exosomes are powerful cellular communication traffickers that are being used to power today’s therapeutics applications for drug/siRNA/vaccine delivery and biomarker discovery.

Recently Exom BioPharma has recently isolated a novel exosome from healthy food source (named as Q5 Exosomes) which has several advantages as a drug delivery vehicle over stem cells and milk derived exosomes.

Exom Biopharma also provides various innovative kits and reagents for exosome research.  For biomarker discovery, we also provide normal and disease specific exosomes from saliva, urine and blood.

Exom BioPharma's Q5 Exosomes’ Technological Advantages

Complete Solutions For Your Exosome Research

PROBLEMS with current drug delivery methods such as:

Synthetic liposomes & lipid nanoparticle-based systems are toxic.

Stem cell derived exosomes are expensive and time consuming to manufacture

Bovine milk derived exosomes (recently licensed by Roche for $1B) are also time consuming to isolate and illicit immune response

Q5 Exosomes provides SOLUTIONS to all drug delivery issues:

Q5 exosomes are isolated from FDA approved healthy food source.

Q5 exosomes are not toxic, non-immunogenic, and more stable than bovine milk exosomes.

 Q5 exosomes are easy to manufacture in large quantities using in-house proprietary technology

Applications of Exom BioPharma’s Novel Q5 EXOSOMES:

Potential delivery vehicle for various drugs/siRNA and vaccines for the treatment of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, GI, Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc.

Manufacturing dermatology related products such as wound healing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and anti-inflammatory products

Analysis of Exom BioPharma’s Q5 Exosomes

Analysis of Exom BioPharma’s Q5 Exosomes
NTA analysis of Q5 exosomes (left) vs bovine milk exosomes (right)
Transmission electron micrograph of Q5 exosomes
Analysis of Exom BioPharma’s Q5 Exosomes
Q5 exosome loaded with DAPI (left) and PKH (right) are incubated with MCF-7 cells (a breast cancer cell line) shows that these dyes loaded with Q5 exosomes can enter cytoplasm and nucleus.

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Complete Solutions For Your Exosome Research
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Complete Solutions For Your Exosome Research